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HOME SERVICE HEARING AID, INC.--Always at Your Service--It is a wonderful time of year to enjoy all the festivities and stories.  We have the experience, knowledge and customer service to provide you with quick, reliable hearing help. We work with insurance networks to make hearing affordable.

We are a family owned and operated business for over 40 years and would like to help you hear better! 
We provide hearing evaluations necessary to determine hearing aid options.  We offer onsite appointments for clients that are not able to come to us, therefore our specialist is available by appointment only. 
We can discuss your concerns, provide a hearing evaluation and order hearing help all in one visit.
We offer quality services at reasonable prices. Our courteous staff have the professional tools and experience necessary to help with all your needs. Call today to get in touch with our staff and to learn more about what we have to offer you.


Hi Shai!   Thought you'd like to know how much I love love love my new hearing aids!!😁

Satisfied Client

If it was possible, I would put six stars on Home Service Hearing Aid, Inc. Not only do they focus on the need of their patients -- something that should be a given! -- they are careful to provide all the answers to every question about the most up-to-the-date hearing aid technology, options, and features. They are enormously patient. They will provide you with an accurate assessment and recommendation. Nonetheless, if you want to head in a specific direction, they will help you do that. My intention is never to buy another set of hearing aids from anyone else. They are friendly, through, helpful, supportive, accommodating, cheerful, encouraging... just think about any of those other adjectives along these lines. Honestly, my fellow hearing aid users, I would happily put my own reputation in the hands of HSHA. You will not go wrong by working with them... I promise!

Satisfied Client

Satisfied Customers!


Meet the Team

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Lyn Onuma

Shai Stadfelt


Parents that started the company

Lyn and Shai are sisters that started with their parents and continue the family business.  They work together to make your hearing experience one that you will want to refer your family and friends.
They like to have fun and work hard to give their clients the information and options to hear better.


Where do you experience hearing challenges?

Two ears are better than one:

-Understand speech and conversations better

-Better localization of sounds

(where sounds are coming from)

-Improved sense of distance from sound

-Better sound quality

-Sounds are more balanced



Listening and hearing are not the same thing.  You can hear someone talking but in order to understand what the person is saying you have to engage your brain and attend to and interpret the words.

Receiver in the Canal also called Ric

More than just a hearing aid, it's embracing life with stylish high-tech hearing.  Hear every voice CLEARLY.

Silk by Signia with Click sleeves

Small, nearly invisible,
Comfortabe and Easy to wear

Custom style hearing aids

Vary by ear size and shape.


What does a hearing test look like?
It's basically a prescription for your ears.
We can provide a hearing evaluation or we can review one you've already had done.


Personal Service and beyond

Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hearing Aid Battery Replacement and Purchase Batteries

Professional Service

Ear Exam

Always Available


Hearing Instrument Specialist for NEW hearing aids and REPAIR Service available

Hearing Instrument Specialists are trained in the fitting of hearing instruments, which includes a complete hearing test to determine whether or not the individual has a loss that could benefit from amplification.  The hearing instrument specialist is best trained to properly fit hearing aids and do the required follow up service.  Since their focus is purely on hearing aids and satisfactory of the fittings they are regarded as the experts. 

 We test your hearing, select and dispense the hearing instrument to best meet your needs.  In addition, we provide support, counseling and service of the hearing system. We are concerned about the person and make hearing solution recommendations to fit your lifestyle and personal needs.

Protecting your hearing can make a big difference. We can help you protect your hearing from further deterioration through education about what affects your hearing, as well as the proper use and care of hearing protection devices.

Our professional staff is dedicated to providing you the best possible hearing care, based upon your individual needs. We provide a comprehensive array of services related to evaluation, rehabilitation and prevention of hearing impairment.



Only the Best

Bluetooth HEARING AID that takes the place of an earbud or headset,

Outstanding Quality

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Never miss a call, stay connected!

Truly Top-Notch



Signia, Starkey, Unitron, Phonak, Widex, Oticon
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Great way to make hearing hassle free, no need to change batteries just charge them at night like your cell phone.  No worries that your battery will run out at your next important meeting or family gathering.


Enhance Connectivity, enables direct streaming from your phone to the hearing aids and more!


Most manufactures offer a touch app for your smart phone to download free, we will help get your hearing aids and phone paired.


Be Involved, Make Hearing Effortless,

Do This For You!

When you're in need of a dependable Hearing Aid Specialist, don’t hesitate. Contact home service hearing today.

19735 Iguana St NW
Suite 104
Elk River, MN 55330, USA

Phone: (763) 441-1278


We know if your hearing aids are not working it can be difficult to get thru the day, week, or weekend.  Call us we can get you in quickly and on Saturdays!

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Phone: (763) 441-1278

19735 Iguana St NW
Suite 104
Elk River, MN 55330, USA

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